Sugar City Christmas Lights

SUGAR CITY, Idaho – The Sugar City Council decided on Sept. 24 to apply for a grant to replace lighting on Center Street.

The lighting discussion and decision were brought about by the Council’s desire to put up more Christmas lights on Main Street. Currently there isn’t power and there aren’t enough poles where they originally planned to hang lights in the city, but this new project looks to change that. 

The Council looked to nearby small towns- specifically Rigby- as an example. The City Council in Rigby applied for a grant from the government and was able to put in new pavers and poles in the areas of the sidewalk where they wanted power for holiday lights.

Council members were optimistic at the possibility of receiving a grant from the state of Idaho because Center Street runs along State Highway 33.

The decision to merge the two projects together- increased Christmas lights and improved lighting on Center Street- would make it easier and cheaper for the city to accomplish both tasks.

“We can go after one big grant,” said Councilman Bruce R. Bills.

The Council discussed the need to come up with a ballpark figure for the cost of the project.

“I really think that it would be wise to come up with a cost estimate based on the number of poles that we think we can get a grant for,” said Councilman Bruce Arnell.

The Council was unable to provide such an estimate at the meeting.

“It’d be nice to have Sugar City lit up like the North Pole,” said Mayor M. Lamont Merrill.



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