Work Out!

Don’t like weight lifting? Here are some alternative workouts, all possible at the BYU-Idaho Fitness Center in the Hart.


BYU-Idaho Competitive Softball

BYU-Idaho provides students the opportunity to compete in various sports leagues. Competitive Women’s Softball is offered in Spring. Watch the video to find out more!

BYU-Idaho Humor Code

The Humor Code is a sketch-comedy group at BYU-Idaho. It’s completely run by students, for students. Matt Daly is an actor in Humor Code and shared a bit about his experience in the group, his own background in theater and where he hopes theater will take him in the future.

Click here for information on Humor Code events and BYU-Idaho Talent Activities.

Behind the Story

I was a bit surprised when I learned Matt was a theater major. He lives in the same apartment complex as I do, and we met this semester. I did a bit of theater back in middle school, so we formed a quick connection over our experiences. You can just tell by the way his face lights up when he talks about theater that it’s something that is really important to him and he truly loves it. I thought Matt’s story and love for his art was definitely worth sharing.

Unorthodox Softball Equipment

“Only use one hand when you catch!” instructed Coach Schlegelmich.

“What?” I asked, caught by surprise.

“You put your right hand behind the glove when you catch,” he explained. “It reduces your range of motion and makes you slower.”

I pitched the ball to my partner, Emily. She tossed it back. Coach was right: when my glove closed around the ball, my right hand sat resting on the back of the glove.

“Work on that,” he told me and walked off to observe the other girls.  (more…)

Marissa Makes Magic

Marissa watched as the man was led to her by his family. He was blind. It was only her second day of training, but she knew what to do. She took his hands in her own gloved ones and helped him feel her face. She guided his hands to her nose, her big ears.

“Who is it?” his family prompted him.

A smile grew across the man’s lips and his face lit up. “It’s Mickey Mouse!”     (more…)