BYU-Idaho Competitive Softball

BYU-Idaho provides students the opportunity to compete in various sports leagues. Competitive Women’s Softball is offered in Spring. Watch the video to find out more!


BYU-Idaho Testing Center

What’s it like working at the BYU-Idaho Testing Center? Watch this video to find out!

Recorded on iPhone 7. Edited with Adobe Audition and Premiere.


BYU-Idaho Humor Code

The Humor Code is a sketch-comedy group at BYU-Idaho. It’s completely run by students, for students. Matt Daly is an actor in Humor Code and shared a bit about his experience in the group, his own background in theater and where he hopes theater will take him in the future.

Click here for information on Humor Code events and BYU-Idaho Talent Activities.

Behind the Story

I was a bit surprised when I learned Matt was a theater major. He lives in the same apartment complex as I do, and we met this semester. I did a bit of theater back in middle school, so we formed a quick connection over our experiences. You can just tell by the way his face lights up when he talks about theater that it’s something that is really important to him and he truly loves it. I thought Matt’s story and love for his art was definitely worth sharing.

Clay Temples

REXBURG—The lounge is hot despite the biting February chill outside. There are students packed inside the small space, standing on couches and chairs, all nodding along to the beat and trying to catch a glimpse of the band at the front of the dimly lit room: The Clay Temples. The band isn’t selling albums on the top of the iTunes charts, but at this moment, Eric Hsu and his bandmates feel like they’re rock stars.  (more…)